A Legacy of Innovation and
Social Commitment

We stay true to our purpose through good times and bad

family temperance pledge

Founded to Pursue a Social Cause

Phoenix is founded by a group of prominent business, religious and civic leaders in Hartford, Connecticut as the American Temperance Life Insurance Company, a company that insures only those who abstain from alcohol.

Ad for Home Life Insurance

First Life Insurance Company in New York

Home Life Insurance Company, which later merges with Phoenix, is formed in Brooklyn, N.Y. It is the first life insurer approved by the newly founded New York Insurance Department to do business in the state.

Sales Aid

American Temperance Becomes Phoenix Mutual Life

American Temperance Life Insurance Company changes its name to Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company, as the temperance movement wanes and the nation turns its attention to the Civil War.

Abe Lincoln

Phoenix Insures Abraham Lincoln

The Phoenix Board of Directors votes that the premiums on policies issued to President Lincoln, Vice President Hamlin and Speaker Colfax "be tendered to them as a gratuity." After Lincoln is assassinated, Phoenix issues a policy to the new president, Andrew Johnson, "free for one year."

Chicago Fire

Legacy of Civic Support Begins in Chicago

After the devastating Chicago fire, Phoenix contributes $5,000 to a fund for survivors. This is our first recorded major act of corporate giving. Learn about Phoenix's current community involvement.

Thompkins square riot

Survives Economic Downturn

Inflation is rampant and more than 100 life insurance companies close their doors, but Phoenix and Home Life hold fast. When Home Life becomes a target for an unwanted takeover, its Board of Directors takes a creative approach to persuade stockholders not to sell: It pays them their interest in gold.

1893 Phoenix Policy

Policy of the Day

See a typical policy that was issued, in large part, by hand to Joseph Kopf, a 19 year-old grocery clerk in Cleveland Ohio as he began his career.

First Employee Communication Program

Builds First Employee Communication Program

Phoenix publishes The Field, believed to be the first agent newsletter. One of America's first employee communications efforts, the program helped build a common culture across the country.

First Agent Training Course

Launches First Agent Training Course

Phoenix introduces "A Prospectus and Ten Lessons Upon Life Insurance," which is the first agent training course used by a life insurance company. By increasing the professionalism of its advisors, the company created a strong reputation for years to come.

First Use of Direct Mail

First to Use Direct Mail Marketing

Phoenix becomes the first life insurer to use direct mail advertising to obtain sales leads. Far ahead of its time, the effort helped agents across the country grow their local agencies.

retire on $200

The Kansas Life Insurance Company is Formed

The Kansas Life Insurance Company, later known as The Pyramid Life Insurance Company, issues its first policy. This company is now Nassau Life Insurance Company of Kansas.

retire on $200

Launches first ad to drive insurance demand

Phoenix creates the first advertisement to promote the value of life insurance for the general public. It runs in Literary Digest. Three years later, Phoenix runs ads for its retirement income plan in national magazines, stating, “You don't have to be rich to retire at 55 on $200 a month.”

Business of Running a Home

Helps customers with Financial Planning

Phoenix has strong ideals on the responsibility of service and distributes "The Business of Running a Home” to help its customers create security and peace of mind through effective financial planning and budgeting.

Planned Estates Program

Focuses on Needs-Based Selling

Home Life introduces “Planned Estates,” a marketing program that emphasizes “problems to solve, not prospects to sell.” Decades ahead of its time, it encourages agents to become financial advisors. Home Life's business grows 60 percent from 1933 to 1939 as a result of the shift in practices.

First to Reduce Rates for Women

First Company to Reduce Rates for Women

Recognizing that women generally live longer than men, Phoenix is the first company to offer reduced life insurance premium rates for women.

Life and health logo

Enters the Group Life & Health Market

Pioneering a new concept in the insurance industry, Phoenix begins selling group life and health insurance plans to help fuel the growth of small businesses. This allows smaller businesses to offer employees benefits usually available only through larger corporations.

Boat Building

Spurs Urban Renewal in Hartford

Phoenix builds a new corporate headquarters - the world's first two-sided office building - in Hartford, Connecticut. The building serves as a catalyst for the city's redevelopment. See photo gallery.

Boat Building

First to Offer Medicare Supplement Coverage

Pyramid Life (today named Nassau Life Insurance Company of Kansas) was one of the first to offer Medicare Supplement policies shortly after President Johnson signed Medicare into law.

Hazards of Smoking

Recognizes Hazards of Smoking

As the hazards of smoking gain mainstream public awareness, Phoenix is the first to offer discounted premiums on all policies to nonsmokers.

Estate Planning Market Innovation

Strengthens Position in the Estate Planning Market

Survivorship or “second-to-die” policies are introduced, paying a benefit upon the death of the surviving policyholder. This success of this product enables the company to claim a preeminent role in the estate planning sector.

Phoenix and Home Life Merger

Merges with Home Life

Phoenix and Home Life successfully navigate a major national real estate downturn by merging to create stronger company. The combination creates efficiencies and a top-25 U.S. carrier. The new company is called Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Company.


Successfully Launches IPO

Phoenix converts from a mutual to a stock company in order to create more flexibility for growth. The new public company is called The Phoenix Companies, Inc., trading under the symbol PNX.

Boat Building

Headquarters Recognized as Historic Building

Phoenix's Hartford headquarters, the two-sided “boat building,” is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The company makes another major contribution to the Hartford skyline, donating a 2.2-acre site for the home of the new Connecticut Science Center. Learn more about the boat building.

2007 Financial Crisis

Navigates Financial Crisis

The collapse of the Lehman Brothers and the mortgage market meltdown created stress for many financial institutions. Phoenix carefully worked through these challenges and adapted its business to reflect current economic conditions.

Saybrus Logo

Launches New Distribution Company

Phoenix forms a distribution company, Saybrus Partners, to sell Phoenix products and provide dedicated life insurance and annuity sales support to partner companies. Acquired by AmeriLife in 2021, Saybrus continues to represent Nassau products.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

Focuses on growing retirement needs

Phoenix launches a line of fixed indexed annuity offerings to meet growing retirement needs as the first baby boomers turn 65. See Phoenix's current annuity portfolio.

Nassau logo

Nassau Founded

Nassau is founded with capital provided by Golden Gate Capital and, over the next two years acquires Phoenix, Saybrus Partners, Constitution Life and CorAmerica and forms Nassau Re Cayman, and Nassau Corporate Credit. In 2018, the insurance companies are renamed under a unified Nassau brand and Nassau Life and Annuity Company becomes the flagship.

Nassau logo

Re/Imagine Insurance

Nassau Re/Imagine, an insurtech incubator, is launched for startups committed to building a vibrant insurtech ecosystem in Hartford’s insurance community.

Nassau logo

100,000 New Policyholders

After acquiring Foresters Life Insurance and Annuity Company and merging it with Nassau Life Insurance Company, Nassau welcomes more than 100,000 new policyholders.

Simple Annuity Mobile APP

Simple Annuity Mobile APP

Nassau launches its inaugural iOS mobile application, a key step in redesigning the sales and consumer experience for annuities and empowering agents with digital tools.

Simple Annuity Mobile APP

New Growth Capital

A $100 million initial strategic investment by new investors led by Wilton Re provides more capital to fuel Nassau’s growth.